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Payments & Donations

​​You can pay your Yearly Lodge Dues Online through your Paypal Account or with a Credit Card.  Online Annual dues are $130.00 + $5.21 fee.

If you send your payment Via US Mail - $130.00

Thanks for your Early and Timely Payment.
You can now donate for our various charitable or fundraising endeavors.  At Checkout Please Specify what fund you are contributing to.

Please consider adding the 3.49% + .49 to donation to cover fees.

Collierville High School Scholarship Program
​Facade Fund
Widows and Orphans Fund
Pancake Breakfast
The Collierville Lodge No. 152 F. & A.M. Scholarship Fund    
has  been established to provide local Collierville High School Graduates an  additional opportunity to be awarded scholarship  funds, which can be  used to assist them with their academic  endeavors in higher education.  

We awarded Four $500 Scholarships to 2019 Graduating Seniors !
Collierville Lodge #152 Widows and Orphans Fund

​​       To HELP, AID and ASSIST within the length of our cable tow, to  provide for  the necessities of worthy distressed Master Masons, their wives and children, widows and orphans is the most sacred obligation resting on  every Lodge and upon  every Master Mason worthy of the title which has  been conferred upon him.
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